Transactional SMS are for sending important information, alerts or service messages to your clients. With Transactional SMS messages, one can send informative, generic, critical data or information.Though the Transactional SMS are not meant for promotion of your brand but staying connected with your clients also helps to build trust in the brand. One of the biggest benefits of the transaction SMS is that these can be sent even to DND numbers. However, there should not be any Promotional content in these SMS.

Advantages of transacional SMS

  Services are Applicable 24×7×365.
  Delivered only to Registered Users.
  Instant Delivery.
  Time saving.
  These messages can be sent to both DND and non-DND numbers.
  These messages can be delivered at any time.
  Fast template based approving.

Features of Transactional SMS

  Free API.
  Static 6-Alpha Sender ID.
  High Priority SMS and Normal SMS options available.
  We just charge for the SMS's you buy and nothing extra.
  Send SMS 24*7, without any time constraint.
  You can verify SMS Delivery report.

How we can use the Transcationl SMS

Educational SMS

Inform students and parents for attendance,fees and other notices.

Critical Financial Information

Update your client instantly for critical information like paytment transfers, credited, debited etc.

OTP SMS For Verification

Verify user identity with instant OTP verification with our Bulk SMS API.

Booking Information

Send booking information sms for gas,business event ,air/rail/bus ticket and doctor appointments.

Update Your Retailer Chain

Send regular updates in pricing to your retailers to enagage and increase conversion

E-commerce SMs

Send updates to your customer for their order like order confirmation,order delivery.

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